Save Mo Dogs

A group of volunteers from the Indianapolis South Side Animal Shelter joined together and went to one of the largest puppy mills in the country in an effort to save as many dogs as possible from being put back into the puppy mill system. Hundreds of dogs were saved. Hear their story and help find permanent homes for these great dogs HERE.

Low Cost Microchipping

Date: February 19th
Time: 11am - 2pm
Cost: $15 Cash

Low cost microchipping for dogs and cats. The fee is $15 cash which includes the registration.  First come/First served. Service provided by Bully Buddies.

facebook FRIDAYS

We have our very own Facebook page, and we give away incredible offers every week to you!  We call it Facbook Friday.


All you have to do is “Like” our page and take advantage of our great offers every week!


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More Special Offers

-Innotek Outdoor Bark Deterrent - 1EA -  Reg: $59.98 - Sale: $49.98 - Save $10
-Drinkwell 360 Fountain - 1EA - Reg: $59.98 - Sale: $49.98 - Save $10
-Wellness Dog Food - 26 to 30# - Reg: $52.98 -  Sale: $44.98 - Save $8
-Fancy Feast Cat Food - 3oz - Reg: $.56 - Sale: $.49 - Save $.07
-Canyon Creek Ranch - 16oz - Reg: $12.98 - Sale: $10.98 - Save $2
-Eagle Pack Dry Dog or Cat Food - Any - Save $4pm

Natural Awakenings Newsletter

Take a Natural approach to Life, health, and the health of your pet with everything you need from anti aging, blogs and resources, See this months pet health tips and start Living Natural HERE.

Featured Employee

Our employee of the month for February is Jake!  Jake’s been working for PSP since 2005.  He’s a junior at the University of Indianapolis where he’s majoring in Marketing and Accounting.  He loves to have a great time at work and loves helping the customers and answering any questions they might have.

Probiotics for Pets!

The Health of your pet is as important to us as it is to you. We now carry ProActive Balance probiotics and prebiotics. These brand new products aid in the health of your pets' digestive systems with no need to change your pets food. It is tasteless, orderless, and 100% Natural.
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