The Gentle Leader

Does your dog pull?

The Gentle Leader
One of the top reasons clients call Tails Up Paws Down is because they are simply unable to take their beloved pup on a walk! We have all been there at one time or another or seen someone that is being pulled down the street by Fido. Some dogs canʼt wait to see the person coming towards them, some dogs go bonkers if they see another dog and some dogs just want to RUN! This takes the fun out of the walk not to mention wearing your back out! This generally leads to going on walks being abandoned and eliminates the dogs chance for exercise, potentially leading to much bigger behavior problems. Click here to learn more.

  • Blue Buffalo Dog Food, Adult Chicken 30lb - Regularly $44.98, Sale $39.98
  • Natural Choice Dog Food, Adult Large Breed Lamb & Rice Adult  or Chicken & Rice 38.5lb - Reg $46.98-$49.98, Sale $39.98 
  • Holistic Select Dog Food, Various Varieties 28-30lb - Regularly $48.98-$51.98, Sale $46.98
  • Solid Gold Katz N Flocken, Cat Food 15lb - Regularly $29.98, Sale $27.98
  • Premium Choice, Scooping Cat Litter 40lb - Regularly $9.98, Sale $7.98
  • Carefresh Pet Bedding, Natural Press Pack 60 LT - Regularly $21.98, Sale $18.98

Meet Ian

"My name is Ian. I’ve been working with PET SUPPLIES "PLUS" for almost three years, but I have felt like I’ve been part of the family for much longer.  I really enjoy working at PSP because of the feeling of satisfaction I get from helping animals in need.  I have had pets for most of my life, so coming to work and giving them my knowledge and assistance came second nature to me."

Come Join Us!

  • May 14th from 11am-2pm, $15 Dog and Cat Microchipping: Fee Includes Registration - First come/First served - Cash Only,  Services provided by Bully Buddys
  • Every Saturday from 10am-1pm, $6 Nail Trimming: First Come/First Served - All Critters Welcome - Cash Only
  • We have "Meet and Greets" every Saturday in our store with local rescue groups - See our Facebook page for details
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