Come Celebrate With Us!

June 25th and 26th - Join Us and bring the whole family! PET SUPPLIES ”PLUS” is celebrating 9 years of serving the Greenwood community with great products and great service.  There will be lots of store specials, raffle prizes, fun contests, events for the kids, and much much more! Like our Facebook page and stay tuned for more details! “Like” our page here!


Mending Broken Hearts

Through the month of June, PET SUPPLIES "PLUS" will be sponsoring The Indiana Sheltie Rescue. This non-profit corporation consists of a small group of volunteers who have come together to help homeless shelties find permanent homes. All stores will be accepting donations through the month of June to help fund the care of these loving dogs. For more information or if you are looking to adopt a sheltie, click here.

  • Low Cost Vet Clinic: June 3rd and 24th - 4-6pm -  First Come-First Served / Call 317-889-6311 to get put on the list so you are guaranteed to be seen!
  • Sheltie Rescue of Central Indiana Meet and Greet: June 4th - 11am-2pm 
  • Husky Haven Rescue Meet and Greet: June 11th - 10am-Noon 
  • Paw Pounder  at Franklin High School: June 11th - 11am-3pm 
  • Love of Labs Indiana Meet and Greet: June 18th - 10am-2pm 
  • Greyhound Pets of America Meet and Greet: June 25th - 10am-Noon 
  • Forever Friends Great Dane Rescue Meet and Greet: June 26th - 11am-3pm
  • Labapalooza at Mallow Run Winery: June 26th - 2pm-8pm  

Family pets are often relinquished because of the arrival of a new baby. Getting rid of the family dog for convenience can have unforeseen and profound consequences.
  1. It is stressful and confusing for the dog, and dogs do have feelings.
  2. It displays to others (and especially if there are other children in the home) that an animal is disposable. Is that the kind of message we want to send?
Dogs are incredibly sensitive. They are sensitive to changes in our routine and environment, (increased number of trips to the bathroom at night, fluffing the nest, redecorating, etc.). They are aware of changes in barometric pressure (think about dogs who know a storm is approaching!) as well chemical changes emitted from other animals and people: fear, anger, sadness and… pregnancy. Before we can change the dog’s behavior, however, we have to first change our own behavior! Read more.

Meet Whitney!

“Hi, my name is Whitney.  You probably know me as the evening cashier here at PSP.  I’ve been working here for about 8 months and I still love making new four-legged friends.  My favorite thing is to give love (and treats!) to all of the pets that visit but, when I head home I still have to reassure my dog Carson that he’s #1 in my book!"

Cleaning Up Well

Through the month of June, PET SUPPLIES “PLUS” stores will offer a Mike's Express Car Wash ticket to every customer who makes an $8 donation to IndyFeral. IndyFeral seeks to reduce the stray and feral cat overpopulation through the non-lethal method of Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) Come in to our store and help make a difference today!
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