Oct 09 2012

Two Is Better, But Three Is Best

After her cat of 13 years passed away, Sheryl McGinnis found herself emotionally distraught. As she grieved the loss of her long-time companion, she planned on waiting at least a year before finding another animal. Not long after the loss of her cat, Sheryl’s step-daughter directed her attention to a beautiful terrier mix puppy online. The dog’s name was Molly and she had been badly abused. Locked in a carrier for most of her 11 months, Molly had developed a bad case of hip-dysplasia. Before Sheryl knew it, the young pup had become a part of the McGinnis family. As

Jun 04 2012

Call Her, Tella

In 2009, I moved back to the midwest from the west coast. I was renting a room from a friend of mine who had an awesome dog named, Josie. She was a playful boxer with an amazing personality. My roommate got married and I had to part ways with Josie. It didn’t take too long before I missed having a dog around. I started visiting shelters, attending adoption events, and spreading the word to friends that I was looking for a boxer. After a couple of months, I got a text from a friend that said she might have a

Feb 27 2012

Glad I Went Back

I was on my way home from Wheeler Mission with my kids one evening, and caught a glimpse of what I thought was the largest rat I’d ever seen. The animal was running along the gutter near the road. Fortunately, a second glance revealed that it was not a rat, but a puppy. After dropping off my children with the tutor,  I drove by that same spot, hoping to find the puppy, but expecting she’d disappeared, or worse – become roadkill. But, there she was, sniffing her way down the busy street. I scooped her up, and that is where

Jan 18 2012

More Reason To Shop @ PSP

BACK TO THE BASICS If pets could talk, what would they order off the menu at a restaurant? What kinds of food and nutrients would help them thrive? Cats and dogs are similar in that they both have shorter, simpler digestive systems than humans. This means food spends less time in the intestinal tract, so their bodies have less time to digest and absorb nutrients from the food they eat. However, the diets they each require are unique. While cats are “obligate carnivores”, meaning they must eat animal-derived protein, dogs are omnivore, meaning they are scavengers that can survive on