Dog Training-Tips and Tricks

Sep 23 2011

Not my shoes… again! – Chewing

Chewing, the favorite activity Taxi Heathrow for many dogs and the bane of many owners existence – what to do!? Well, we have several suggestions that can help but first lets understand your dogs motivation. Why do dogs chew? Well this can be answered by another question. Why do they breath? Because they have too! Dogs are “hardwired” to do certain things, not unlike us. This means they just have to do certain things and chewing is one of them. So Taxi Gatwick to London know going in, you will NEVER stop a dog from chewing. However, with patience, following some basic rules and being consistent

Aug 30 2011

Potty Training 101

  House training a dog of any age can be fast, easy and enjoyable. Whether you have a young puppy, a middle aged dog from a rescue or even a senior citizen that is just enjoying the comfort of inside life for the first time the rules do not change. The key however is to be consistent, patient and understanding of your dogs needs. Please note- if your dog is urinating more frequently then normal, it is best to have the dog checked by your veterinarian for common illness’s like urinary tract infection, which is very common in adolescent dogs and easy to treat. First let’s

Aug 10 2011

Dog Tired

My wife was exasperated. “I can’t handle this any longer,” she said. “I’m all for love and commitment but enough is enough.” “I understand, Mary Ellen. I feel terrible.” “Dick, I know that snoring is not intentional. But it has some devastating effects on a marriage. What are you going to do about it?” “I’ll call the vet first thing in the morning.” Toby shot me a glance. He knew we were talking about him—dogs always sense that. Things had gotten out of hand the last few weeks. It wasn’t his occasional snort that kept us awake; it was a

Jul 14 2011

Dick Wolfsie’s “Crash Course”

A couple of local TV news spots recently have made me question what I do for a living. One station did a story on how to save money when dining out. The first tip was to order items that are less expensive. My wife was working late, but I called her at the office because I didn’t want take a chance on forgetting this earth-shaking news. If I had only realized the steak and shrimp platter was pricier than the deep-fried chicken planks, who knows how much I could have saved. The station also reported that you can save money

Jun 01 2011

Planning for Success When The New Baby Arrives

Training Your Dog for the New Baby Planning for Success Warren G. Patitz Copyright 2003 Updated 2011 Family pets are often relinquished because of the arrival of a new baby. Getting rid of the family dog for convenience, can have unforeseen and profound consequences. It is stressful and confusing for the dog, and dogs do have feelings It can create tension in family relationships A bond of trust and respect has been violated The dog may be thrown into the huge pool of re-homed or destroyed pets It displays to others (and especially if there are other children in the

Apr 27 2011

The Gentle Leader

  One of the top reasons clients call Tails Up Paws Down is because they are simply unable to take their beloved pup on a walk! We have all been there at one time or another or seen someone that is being pulled down the street by Fido. Some dogs canʼt wait to see the person coming towards them, some dogs go bonkers if they see another dog and some dogs just want to RUN! This takes the fun out of the walk not to mention wearing your back out! This generally leads to going on walks being abandoned and

Apr 03 2011

Clicker Training (Video)

Jan 20 2011

Is Your Dog A Scavenger

Have a dog that thinks running around the house with your favorite pair of slippers is better than going to the bark park? Have a pooch that eagerly unrolls the toilet paper with the skill of a fine craftsman? If you drop something on the floor, does your dog go for it faster than Michael Phelps can swim? Well, the good news is he is not misbehaving… Not misbehaving, you say? No, your dog was born that way! Dogs, by nature, scavenge. Think about your dog if he or she ever found himself running the streets. Would he be more