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Nov 10 2011

It Was Meant To Be

My dog “Noodle” as he came to be called, is now 8 years old. Eight years ago my cousin and I were riding our bikes in Whiteland because our grandpa had asked us to come up there with him to help mow his yard. Afterwards, we were bored so we got on our bikes and rode around the town. We rode to the pet store in Whiteland to look at the animals. We went past an empty cage with a sign on it saying “Dog For Free”. There was not a dog inside the cage and we had lots of

Sep 14 2011

Lonely Without Phoenix

We moved to Fishers, Indiana in 2004 after having lived in Florida for 20 years.  That first winter was a tough one.  My only son was attending college in Tampa, Florida, and my husband was traveling a lot for his job.  I was terribly lonely. Knowing I wouldn’t make it another winter without something new in my life to occupy my time and my mind, I happened on a dog rescue website and luxury escorts was looking at the dogs listed.  Then, I saw her beautiful face!  Her name was Phoenix and she’d been given escorte bucuresti up by the family who’d had her

Aug 12 2011

Molly’s Amazing Rescue

4 years ago, While driving Down State Road 44 I saw her, she was just standing on the white line of the road….it was February, and very cold.  She was picking at something dead. Thin, dirty, and full of milk from puppies, clearly she had been dumped. I don’t know what happened to the puppies, they weren’t with her.  I pulled over and she was SO excited that someone stopped, I started to cry as she jumped all over me, Now we’re both covered in dirt.  I opened my door and she jumped in. I headed right to my vet.

Jul 12 2011

For The Love Of Kiki

We adopted Kiki on March 13th 2010. My husband Mandar and I, both love cats and have always lived with cats back home in Mumbai, India. When we got here in January 2010, I got lonely and then decided to adopt a cat. Our first choice obviously was a shelter of course so we went to visit Humane Society of Indianapolis. We kept checking the website for adoption cats and got very confused when it was time to choose. We wanted to take them all home! So, we decided to go look for Kiki as she was one of the

Jun 22 2011

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Jun 22 2011

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Jun 22 2011

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Jun 22 2011

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Jun 09 2011

A Much Needed Home

My boyfriend Nate and I decided that we would like to foster a dog from animal control in Indianapolis. After careful consideration we went to the Indianapolis shelter, we mentioned that we wanted to not just foster but foster the dog who needed a home the most. They brought out a pit bull who’s previous owners had bred, starved, and then dumped. She was so emaciated, she looked like she could drop dead any second.When we saw her, we couldn’t believe our eyes! It was hard to believe that she was still alive, Every bone in her body was protruding

May 17 2011

When a Dog Steals your heart

  My boyfriend and I had just bought our first home together in January 2010. We decided we also wanted to add to this family with a puppy So in January we went to pick out Trixie, our female Cocker Spaniel. We paid for her and all we needed to do was wait until she was old enough to come home, But then something I never expected happened, when we were picking her out, I fell in love with another dog that was there. I couldn’t help myself and I was determined that if I went back to pick up

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