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Jun 22 2011

ULTRA Holistic Superfood Coupons

$2 Off coupon for any 4 lb. or 4.5 lb. bag of Nutro ULTRA Holistic Superfood for dogs

Jun 22 2011

Purina Printable Coupons

    Wide selection of Purina printable coupons.

Jun 22 2011

PinPoint Coupons

  Pinpoint coupons and discounts for PSPindy!  

Jun 22 2011


    Coupons for all 4 PSP locations!

Jun 09 2011

A Much Needed Home

My boyfriend Nate and I decided that we would like to foster a dog from animal control in Indianapolis. After careful consideration we went to the Indianapolis shelter, we mentioned that we wanted to not just foster but foster the dog who needed a home the most. They brought out a pit bull who’s previous owners had bred, starved, and then dumped. She was so emaciated, she looked like she could drop dead any second.When we saw her, we couldn’t believe our eyes! It was hard to believe that she was still alive, Every bone in her body was protruding

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