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Jan 10 2011

January 2011 Your Story Featuring Banjo, the German Shepard

One night my husband and I got home late after going out to a friend’s house. When my husband went to check on our six backyard chickens (Millie, Harriet, Ethel, Bea, Irma, and Gertrude) he found that one was missing from the coup! We searched all over the yard with flashlights hoping to find little Bea but it was too dark to find her. Just as we were about to give up, I noticed our 3 year old German Shepherd mix, Banjo, standing perfectly still in the corner of the yard, staring into a pile of brush and whining. When

Dec 02 2010

November 2010 Your Story Featuring Casey, the Australian Shepherd

Written by Joanna Noblesville, IN I had been watching craigslist for an Aussie for weeks, and one finally popped up! The ad was short on details, but the picture looked like a roly-poly puppy. Turns out, he was a neglected, overfed, roly-poly 1.5 year old living in a 1 bedroom apartment. The owners were fed up with his energy, and handed him & his supplies off to us for free. We were his third home in his short life, and he just needed to learn that we weren’t going to pass him off again. Casey needed more room to run,

Nov 01 2010

October 2010 Your Story featuring Ruby

We adopted Jubilee, now called Ruby, from a local animal rescue. She was the one hiding behind the legs of the agent. She was trembling and scared to death.  We heard that she was the product of a divorce and that she needed some extra loving. She was eventually placed with us after a few home visits and it has now been 2 years. She is better at a few things, less shaky, has gained some weight, but still aggressive towards other dogs, something that we don’t think will change. She is however, very loveable and open to us, her

Oct 01 2010

September 2010 Your Story featuring Zhok, the French Bulldog

Ever since my wife and I got married 4 years ago, she has been asking me if we could get a dog, and I always felt like we didn’t have the space or time to devote to one. After lots of pleading, a little over a year ago, I decided I would surprise her for our anniversary. I spent a lot of time researching, made several trips to different breeders and finally found the puppy for us. He was a little French Bulldog from northwestern Ohio.  After two trips up and over 14 hours of driving I was finally taking

Aug 30 2010

August 2010 Your Story featuring Surry, the Great Dane

We were looking for a playmate for our 1yr old Dane as we felt she was lonely. We weren’t in a rush and I am a firm believer that when the time is right it will happen. Someone recommended looking on craigslist for another Dane and sure enough one stood out to me. She was 1 1/2 and her family couldn’t afford to keep her. Having helped with the fabulous Indy Forever Friends Great Dane Rescue this story really tugged on my heart. I guess her “dad” had lost his job and had to find her a great home. Little

Jul 28 2010

July 2010 Your Story featuring Raven the Border Collie-Chow mix

Written by Pam, Noblesville, IN I was meeting with a Humane Society worker when I decided to take a quick look through the dog kennel.  While we had been thinking about adopting, I wasn’t there looking for another dog that day. Then I found “Princess”.  I immediately knew she was no princess and put a hold on her. Raven, as she came to be known, was a little black hyper active puff ball with poop on her coat and hookworms.  She was three months old and had spent one month at the shelter looking for a home. Little dogs like

Jul 26 2010

May 2010 Your Story featuring Wy the Weimaraner

Written by Stephanie We were given Wy, our Weimaraner from a local rescue group almost 3 years ago. Wy was very timid and scared. It was obvious he had been mistreated. My husband was going through a severe depression due to recent crippling health problems and subsequent depression. Wy and he immediatly bonded and became best of friends. Wy has since put on 40 pounds, and is now horribly spoiled. My husband also slowly came out of his depression. They are now the best of friends and are together 24/7. -Congrats and Thank You Stephanie for Your Story. Will Your

Jul 26 2010

April 2010 Your Story featuring Pita and Hummus

Written by Mary Pita and Hummus are my 2 guinea pigs.  Pita came from Craigslist and she was rather lonely. We read that guinea pigs like to be together and asked our local rescue if they had a guinea pig we could try out with Pita. Needless to say, it was love at first sight. I put Hummus in with Pita and they were sleeping in their home together that night. They eat, sleep, play, munch hay, talk to each other, and both now stand up on their hind legs on the side of their cage for food at feeding

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