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Jun 09 2011

A Much Needed Home

My boyfriend Nate and I decided that we would like to foster a dog from animal control in Indianapolis. After careful consideration we went to the Indianapolis shelter, we mentioned that we wanted to not just foster but foster the dog who needed a home the most. They brought out a pit bull who’s previous owners had bred, starved, and then dumped. She was so emaciated, she looked like she could drop dead any second.When we saw her, we couldn’t believe our eyes! It was hard to believe that she was still alive, Every bone in her body was protruding

May 17 2011

When a Dog Steals your heart

  My boyfriend and I had just bought our first home together in January 2010. We decided we also wanted to add to this family with a puppy So in January we went to pick out Trixie, our female Cocker Spaniel. We paid for her and all we needed to do was wait until she was old enough to come home, But then something I never expected happened, when we were picking her out, I fell in love with another dog that was there. I couldn’t help myself and I was determined that if I went back to pick up

Apr 20 2011

Piper The Greyhound and her rescue story

    When we adopted our 10 year old greyhound Piper, She had never had a home.  After learning that she had been used to breed dogs for track racing and had had over 49 puppies, we were determined to also adopt one of her pups so that she would be happy knowing at least one was alive and well-cared for. When we found one of her 4 year old sons, we jumped into action and got him sent to us from Florida. Piper and her son Sirius are doing great and are happy as can be now! When they

Apr 14 2011

Noah’s Story

      Noah is an eleven-month-old purebred Great Dane, brindle in color, with beautiful eyes that are hard to resist. Looking into his gentle eyes, one would hardly suspect the tragic circumstances under which he came into the Forever Friends Great Dane Rescue. In September 2010, FFGDR received a call from a shelter in Northern Indiana with information that, in need of rescue were three Great Danes from an abandoned home. Noah, Charlie, Molly and six other pets, were deserted by their owners with no food and very little water, fighting to surviveon what little they had, for at

Mar 18 2011

March 2011 Your Story Echo,The Amazing Sign Language Dog

      My boyfriend, Jim had just landed a dream job, and I took it as my moment to Pop the question, you know the one…Can we get a dog? He smiled and said yes! We had been doing a lot of breed research and had already decided on a lab. We looked through the available dogs at the Love of Labs Indiana rescue group looking for an adult dog.  when we came across a 5 month Echo, he was just irresistible! We found through his foster that he was the last of his litter and had trouble finding

Feb 15 2011

February 2011 Your Story featuring Dallas’ Love Of Movies

We rescued Dallas at roughly 1 year old, just days after Christmas three years ago.  She and her brother were neglected and left to fend for themselves.  Matted and clueless as to what love was, we invited her to live with us.  After a bit of separation anxiety, she realized this was her home and we were always going to come back.  She was the 3rd Goldendoodle to enter our family and had no problems adapting to becoming a 45 pound lap dog.  She is nothing short of amazing, gentle, loyal and just plain perfect! Recently, after 4 years of

Jan 10 2011

January 2011 Your Story Featuring Banjo, the German Shepard

One night my husband and I got home late after going out to a friend’s house. When my husband went to check on our six backyard chickens (Millie, Harriet, Ethel, Bea, Irma, and Gertrude) he found that one was missing from the coup! We searched all over the yard with flashlights hoping to find little Bea but it was too dark to find her. Just as we were about to give up, I noticed our 3 year old German Shepherd mix, Banjo, standing perfectly still in the corner of the yard, staring into a pile of brush and whining. When

Dec 02 2010

November 2010 Your Story Featuring Casey, the Australian Shepherd

Written by Joanna Noblesville, IN I had been watching craigslist for an Aussie for weeks, and one finally popped up! The ad was short on details, but the picture looked like a roly-poly puppy. Turns out, he was a neglected, overfed, roly-poly 1.5 year old living in a 1 bedroom apartment. The owners were fed up with his energy, and handed him & his supplies off to us for free. We were his third home in his short life, and he just needed to learn that we weren’t going to pass him off again. Casey needed more room to run,

Nov 01 2010

October 2010 Your Story featuring Ruby

We adopted Jubilee, now called Ruby, from a local animal rescue. She was the one hiding behind the legs of the agent. She was trembling and scared to death.  We heard that she was the product of a divorce and that she needed some extra loving. She was eventually placed with us after a few home visits and it has now been 2 years. She is better at a few things, less shaky, has gained some weight, but still aggressive towards other dogs, something that we don’t think will change. She is however, very loveable and open to us, her

Oct 01 2010

September 2010 Your Story featuring Zhok, the French Bulldog

Ever since my wife and I got married 4 years ago, she has been asking me if we could get a dog, and I always felt like we didn’t have the space or time to devote to one. After lots of pleading, a little over a year ago, I decided I would surprise her for our anniversary. I spent a lot of time researching, made several trips to different breeders and finally found the puppy for us. He was a little French Bulldog from northwestern Ohio.  After two trips up and over 14 hours of driving I was finally taking

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