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Jul 26 2010

May 2010 Your Story featuring Wy the Weimaraner

Written by Stephanie We were given Wy, our Weimaraner from a local rescue group almost 3 years ago. Wy was very timid and scared. It was obvious he had been mistreated. My husband was going through a severe depression due to recent crippling health problems and subsequent depression. Wy and he immediatly bonded and became best of friends. Wy has since put on 40 pounds, and is now horribly spoiled. My husband also slowly came out of his depression. They are now the best of friends and are together 24/7. -Congrats and Thank You Stephanie for Your Story. Will Your

Jul 26 2010

April 2010 Your Story featuring Pita and Hummus

Written by Mary Pita and Hummus are my 2 guinea pigs.  Pita came from Craigslist and she was rather lonely. We read that guinea pigs like to be together and asked our local rescue if they had a guinea pig we could try out with Pita. Needless to say, it was love at first sight. I put Hummus in with Pita and they were sleeping in their home together that night. They eat, sleep, play, munch hay, talk to each other, and both now stand up on their hind legs on the side of their cage for food at feeding

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