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Aug 19 2011

Dog Visits by Mary

Dog Visits by Mary Your dogs are happiest and most secure when at home with you. When you can’t be there, I’m the next best thing! Thank you for entrusting the care of your dog to me. (317) 259-7419

Jun 21 2011

Bark Tutor

Bark Tutor is a family focused dog training school that believes in using the most up-to-date, dog-friendly training methods in our program. Our progressive, train at your own pace levels format focuses on house manners and problem prevention along with basic obedience skills. In our classes you will not only learn how to create a vocabulary of cues for your dog, but how to prevent and resolve common nuisance behaviors. Training is all about motivation and we will be using food as our primary reward in class. As you progress through the program we will show you how to incorporate

Jun 21 2011

Mary Marshall Animal Communicator

Animal communication is to the animals what sign language is to the hearing impaired. It is a non-verbal form of expression that opens the door to a new understanding of man’s relationship with animals, and the connection between all living creatures. It is not a special gift given to a few, but rather an ability to have an open mind and a willingness to learn to hear with the heart and see with the mind’s eye.

Jun 21 2011

A Dog Spot

Originally A Dog Spot was created as a place for local rescue groups to post event and adoption information.  It now is much more! We designed the site to provide a fun and user friendly place for both dog lovers and rescue organizations! We are a local company and actively involved with dog rescue in a variety of ways including fostering, transporting, fundraising and website design, all on a volunteer basis. We offer Indiana based non-profit, dog related organizations a variety of free services including webpage design, free advertising, fundraising opportunities, Spotlight Rescue, Spotlight Dogs, Web Interviews and Print Interviews, Gift Basket

Jun 21 2011

Balanced Paws

Balanced Paws Canine Massage is the premier dog masseuse for Indianapolis. Dog massage includes a variety of techniques — some centuries old and others quite new. It has been used to calm show dogs, to relieve pain in working dogs, and to increase energy and focus in agility dogs. Now it is available to improve the quality of your pet’s life. Each dog massage is different; it depends on the dog’s needs that day. Once dogs become familiar with massage, they are eager to begin each session and they relax quickly and deeply. Often a dog will “ask” for particular

Jun 21 2011

Curbside Care

Curbside Care is a full-service mobile veterinary clinic providing high quality medical and surgical care for dogs and cats in and around the north side of Indianapolis. Traveling in our custom built state of the art hospital on wheels, we bring the veterinarian to you! Dr. Erin Zaring began seeing patients onboard the mobile clinic in April 2010.  Dr. Zaring has been practicing veterinary medicine and surgery in the Indianapolis area since graduating from Purdue University School of Veterinary Medicine in 2004.  Dr. Zaring believes in providing each of her patients with compassionate individualized care, and she is excited to

Jun 21 2011

PlayPals Pet Care

PlayPals Pet Care specializes in professional In-Home Pet Sitting, Midday Dog Walking, and Backyard Clean-ups. Going on vacation or business travel? Working long days and your pet needs more exercise? We can help you! We offer pet care services in your home to keep your pets happy while you are away! Please check out our purrfect pet services page for all of the services we provide.

Jun 21 2011

Liz Kaye Photography

Lizkaye is owned by mainly one Artist, Elisabeth K. alias Lizkay. The website was founded back in 2002 and is used to show the portfolio and work of the artist but also used to show tutorials and other stuff, it’s not created for commercial purpose. If you want more information concerning this website, the artist behind, or something else, please use one of the contact adresses to get some more information.

Jun 21 2011

Bright Eyes Pet Wellness

Here at Bright Eyes, it’s all about the pets! They make our lives healthier, and richer, so why not do the same for them? Bright Eyes Pet Wellness encompasses ALL aspects of complete and total wellness for your pet. We aim to enrich the bond between pets and their parents by providing knowledge, information, and education toward a healthier, happier lifestyle for both pets and their people.

Jun 21 2011

Lupine Lens Photography

Holly is an Indianapolis based photographer that specializes in candid, outdoor, action photography of you and your four-legged family members. Make a memory you can look at again and again with Lupine Lens Photography. Holly’s passion for photography is reflected in her crisp, beautiful photos of cats, dogs, and their owners in both indoor and outdoor settings. Natural and candid, she captures the heart of you and your pet’s special relationship. Holly has an affinity for making animals comfortable in front of the camera, promising a great experience for both human and pet. She’ll put everyone them in their best light in

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