Sep 27 2016

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Feb 27 2012

It’s not Friday!

Dec 07 2011

The Three Pup-eteers

Although our three rescue dogs look alike, they are different breeds, rescued in three different states, and they were rescued exactly one year apart from each other. Maverick is my big guy (or baby I should say). He is mostly American Blue Gascon, but has Pointer in him as well.  I picked him up in Brookville flea market from people who had no desire to care for him.  When I received him, he was dirty and malnourished. He had never had shots, so he also had worms. Molly, my fat female dog is Basset with Beagle in her. She acts

Jul 18 2011

Walk For Wolves Fundraiser

Click here for more information on the “Walk For Wolves” fundraiser.   walkpress2011

Jun 17 2011

Greenwood Anniversary Celebration!

      Pet Supplies “Plus” Greenwood   Invites you to join us in celebrating our…… 9th Anniversary Event Weekend!! Saturday, June 25th and Sunday, June 26th     Alligator Aaron from Indiana Wild will be here with his exotic animals (Saturday @ 7pm) “Spot” the dog will be here (Sunday 10am-Noon) Kasey the fire and life safety dog will be here (Saturday 11am-1pm) Prizes will be awarded to contest winners: Dirtiest Dog Contest (Saturday @ 1:30pm) Pet/Owner Look-a-like Contest (Saturday @ 6:30pm) Smallest & Biggest Dog Contest (Sunday @ 11am) Best Pet Trick Contest (Sunday @ 2pm) Trainers: Greg

Apr 09 2011

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Nov 27 2009

Welcome to PSPindy

We’re your source for all of your pets needs. Here you’ll find out about coupons, events and our Pet Professional Network (PPN). Contact us with any questions.