February 2011 Your Story featuring Dallas’ Love Of Movies

Feb 15 2011

February 2011 Your Story featuring Dallas’ Love Of Movies

We rescued Dallas at roughly 1 year old, just days after Christmas three years ago.  She and her brother were neglected and left to fend for themselves.  Matted and clueless as to what love was, we invited her to live with us.  After a bit of separation anxiety, she realized this was her home and we were always going to come back.  She was the 3rd Goldendoodle to enter our family and had no problems adapting to becoming a 45 pound lap dog.  She is nothing short of amazing, gentle, loyal and just plain perfect!
Recently, after 4 years of witnessing her humans sit in from of the square on the wall, she discovered the TV! ’Hotel for Dogs’ happened to be playing and ever since, she has been glued to it.  If an obsession is getting up every morning and running straight to the TV and back to you, alerting you to turn it on…..staying in from of it and actually watching it and interacting for hours at a time…..even staying in a separate room after we go to bed so she can finish her movies, then she is definitely obsessed!
For Christmas and her birthday this year, we started a collection of movies for her (up to 11 now) and also DVR her favorites on Animal Planet.  If this is what makes our little girl happy, then she deserves it because she has brought nothing but joy to our lives!
This is a picture of her watching TV….her new favorite past time!  She’s actually in her game day jersey (and gets so excited when we pull it out of the closet) watching ESPN.

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