For The Love Of Kiki

Jul 12 2011

For The Love Of Kiki


We adopted Kiki on March 13th 2010. My husband Mandar and I, both love cats and have always lived with cats back home in Mumbai, India. When we got here in January 2010, I got lonely and then decided to adopt a cat. Our first choice obviously was a shelter of course so we went to visit Humane Society of Indianapolis.

We kept checking the website for adoption cats and got very confused when it was time to choose. We wanted to take them all home! So, we decided to go look for Kiki as she was one of the older cats. When we met her, we just fell in love; she greeted us with constant purring. Kiki was 7 yrs 1 month old when we adopted her and we realized that if we didn’t take her, she may spend a very long time waiting for her permanent home. It was the best decision we made. 




She has brought so much joy to our lives and our friends, it’s incomparable to anything in the world. Her antics are very entertaining, be her unique style of drinking water (licking it off the paw) or her constant talking to us or her chasing a paper ball or her need to go out the patio door to sit in the grass. Oh yes, she also very clearly communicates if she doesn’t like something like picking her up and getting her back in the house, interrupting her rat or insect chasing activity, etc. If we are out for a long time, she waits for us to come home and she always knows when it’s us by the door. She never sleeps anywhere else but by my side (near my feet or on my pillow) in the night.
She has changed a lot from the time we got her. From being scared of every little noise to now exploring where the noise is coming from, from not wanting to go out to taking a walk around the building on her own, from apprehension as to what is going to happen to her to complete confidence that everything is hers to keep.
So many older cats sit in shelters waiting for homes. In my case getting an older cat was the wise choice and I will urge everyone to have at least one older cat. She won’t have the energy levels or craziness of a Kitten, but she will understand you better and love you with her heart and soul.

Deepika Sathe-Joshi


2 Responses to For The Love Of Kiki

  1. Becky Honeywell July 18, 2011 at 4:17 pm

    Deepika, your story warmed my heart! I work for the Humane Society, and these kinds of stories are always so good to read. Thanks so much for adopting an older cat – you are right, they are always the last to go. And right now, we have a special – any cat over 3 years old may be adopted for $33 this month. Thanks for caring about animals!

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