It Was Meant To Be

Nov 10 2011

It Was Meant To Be

My dog “Noodle” as he came to be called, is now 8 years old. Eight years ago my cousin and I were riding our bikes in Whiteland because our grandpa had asked us to come up there with him to help mow his yard. Afterwards, we were bored so we got on our bikes and rode around the town. We rode to the pet store in Whiteland to look at the animals. We went past an empty cage with a sign on it saying “Dog For Free”. There was not a dog inside the cage and we had lots of time to kill so we ended up riding back and forth from the house to the pet store. We rode to the pet store seven times! The very last time we rode to the pet store, there was a dog inside the cage! He was a small orange dog that resembled a chow but much smaller. I remember hearing my mom saying that she wanted a small dog for the house, so my Grandpa ended up signing the papers to take him home and we named him Prince. Princey Noodle has a personality all his own! I always think about his story and think, “Wow, it must have been meant to be!” My cousin and I didn’t have to ride back and forth to the pet store that many times that day and the dog was actually with a family, but they wanted to get rid of him.  I’m so glad I found Princey!

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