Piper The Greyhound and her rescue story

Apr 20 2011

Piper The Greyhound and her rescue story



mom-its-youWhen we adopted our 10 year old greyhound Piper, She had never had a home.  After learning that she had been used to breed dogs for track racing and had had over 49 puppies, we were determined to also adopt one of her pups so that she would be happy knowing at least one was alive and well-cared for. When
we found one of her 4 year old sons, we jumped into action and got him
sent to us from Florida. Piper and her son Sirius are doing great and are happy
as can be now! When they met for the first time, it was an amazing and touching moment, and yes, they did know each other!

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  1. Jane hAZA August 22, 2011 at 12:57 am

    Since we have adopted her son Sirius, we have also adopted another son from a different litter, Black Nite. Now we have the three of them happy as could be, and together like a family should be!! Adopt a greyhound, they deserve to quit running for their lives!!

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