Two Is Better, But Three Is Best

Oct 09 2012

Two Is Better, But Three Is Best

After her cat of 13 years passed away, Sheryl McGinnis found herself emotionally distraught. As she grieved the loss of her long-time companion, she planned on waiting at least a year before finding another animal.

Not long after the loss of her cat, Sheryl’s step-daughter directed her attention to a beautiful terrier mix puppy online. The dog’s name was Molly and she had been badly abused. Locked in a carrier for most of her 11 months, Molly had developed a bad case of hip-dysplasia. Before Sheryl knew it, the young pup had become a part of the McGinnis family.

As her husband headed to work, Sheryl was faced with the challenge of training this strong and hyper pup. Celebrating her newly found freedom from the carrier, Molly began to run rampant in the house. Up and down on the stairs and back and forth in the hall, Molly’s energy didn’t seem to have an off switch.

Overwhelmed by this 40 pound whirlwind of energy, Sheryl set out to find an appropriate solution. She had a 5 foot fence installed and signed Molly up for training classes. The pup passed every class but continued to be a wrecking ball at home. She dug up trees, climbed on furniture, and dumped her food. Sheryl even tried walking Molly for one to two hours every day but Molly relentless.

On top of her unstoppable energy, little Molly was emotionally scarred from her previous days of abuse. She cried and howled when they left her alone or did not focus on her. If she did not sleep in the room with Sheryl and her husband, the howling would not stop all night.

Unsure of how to help the pup, Sheryl took Molly to see a veterinarian. When the vet suggested that Sheryl give the dog a medication to slow her down, Sheryl refused. She decided that the best course of action would be finding Molly a playmate. Although she was advised that the dog would be too aggressive with other animals, Sheryl knew that it was what Molly needed. The family began to search shelters to find Molly’s match.

After a long search, she found, Titan. He was a Yorker/Welsh with a long history of abuse. The moment that Sheryl introduced Molly to her tiny playmate, she knew she had made the right decision. The problems and struggles with Molly stopped almost instantly.

After seeing the tremendous improvement in the dogs when they were paired together, Sheryl chose to adopt a third pet. She rescued a baby Terrier/Chihuahua mix. The pup was instantly accepted by Molly and Titan. Sheryl is now the proud owner of three lovable rescue dogs and firmly believes that “sometimes two is better, but three is the best.”

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