When a Dog Steals your heart

May 17 2011

When a Dog Steals your heart


My boyfriend and I had just bought our first home together in January 2010. We decided we also wanted to add to this family with a puppy So in January we went to pick out Trixie, our female Cocker Spaniel. We paid for her and all we needed to do was wait until she was old enough to come home, But then something I never expected happened, when we were picking her out, I fell in love with another dog that was there. I couldn’t help myself and I was determined that if I went back to pick up Trixie and he was still available, he would be coming home with me.
On February 14, 2010 we went to pick up Trixie. I couldn’t believe my eyes when the little boy was still there too!  I sat on the floor playing with Trixie while we got the paperwork settled, then along came the little boy, crawling up onto my lap trying to get to my face. He stood up on my legs, put his paws on my face and kissed me. I knew at that point Parker was coming home with me. Parker had chosen me to be his mom. I knew I wanted him before, but now, I knew he wanted me too! I may be a spoiled Momma but I have two of the greatest puppies in the world!

3 Responses to When a Dog Steals your heart

  1. gloria May 20, 2011 at 7:57 am

    i feel your pain. i have three mastiffs

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  3. edwin barron September 8, 2011 at 6:01 pm

    My wife gave me a Mi-Ki 2 yrs ago, There were 5 puppies and this one kept returning to us , kissing us , and stole our hearts. She goes everywhere I go , sleeps in the small of my back and has taught me to communicate with her. It took her a week to train me. I have made a considerable amount of money and used it to buy expensive boy toys. Since having Keira (my mi-ki) I lost intrest in ” stuff” . I can’t look at her without smiling and feeling warmth in my heart.She gives the rarest of all gifts, “unconditional love”. She doesn’t see me as old or suffering the slings and arrows of advancing age . She sees my eyes and the incredible love I have for her in my heart. She is the happiest little girl I have ever known. One very perceptive friend of mine commented,” I hope she outlives you “. Once materialistic , I have become puppyistic. Fortunately I have these same feeling for my wife.

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